TUKATA® is a handmade lifestyle brand that takes on a new perspective in looking at common, daily objects, and from those perspectives, finds and delivers more value to customers. TUKATA does not simply sell handmade products, but seek to provide more valuable and good quality handiworks and services. As TUKATA expand collection of valuable experiences and novel perspectives directed towards the long lifestyle, TUKATA makes a more happy and comfortable tomorrow.

​​​​​​​WOON Large Doll Cushion

Korean ancestors wished longevity and fortune, keeping a variety forms of objet of <SIPJANGSAENG; Korean Ten Symbols of Longevity>, each of which symbolizes perennial youth and longevity, by their sides. From past to present, the most fundamental desire of human has never been changed - perennial youth and longevity. The difference is just that people today focus on ‘how to live a long and healthy life’, while those in the past simply wished for perennial youth and longevity itself. TUKATA® TRADITIONAL is TUKATA’s second lineup to evoke preciousness and deliver true value of our own tradition and culture, putting a focus on traditional Korean things which are being forgotten in a rapidly changing modern society. It will let customers feel Korean ancestors’ wisdom and value of tradition through our products and services newly interpreted from a new angle. 

SAN Large Doll Cushion / SEUM Small Doll Key-ring / RUMI Large Doll Cushion
SONA Large Doll Cushion

The word <SIPJANGSAENG> means ten natural objects to symbolize perennial youth and longevity; the sun, mountain, water, stone, pine tree, cloud, elixir, turtle, crane, and deer. Korean ancestors wished for longevity and fortune, with a variety of Sipjangsaeng-inspired items, for example, daily handcrafts, wall pattern of structure, and bedding. With the special selection of colors and material harmoniously compatible with modern life, TUKATA’s Sipjangsaeng-inspired lifestyle products will invite customers to Korean tradition in a more comfortable and familiar way on the basis of the original form of tradition. TUKATA expects that <SIPJANGSAENG> series could provide a good opportunity for customers to feel the true value of Korean tradition, and also to take time to reconsider its value that we’ve forgotten. 

十長生圖窓戶 / 雙鶴紋刺繡囊 / 十長生圖窓戶 / 黑漆螺鈿化粧函 / 螺鈿朱漆二層籠 (Korean National Palace Museum)

SIPJANGSAENG’s factoral colors reflected in SIPJANGSAENG paintings and embroidery artifacts (red, white, black, blue, green, and yellow) and embroidery techniques were referred to show traditional atmosphere; on the other hand, colors were moderated to show sophistication to go along with modern lifestyles. It is hoped that young generation contemplate Korean tradition in a new perspective through this TUKATA® TRADITIONAL series.


Although highly-advanced civilization and technology have made our lives convenient, it’s getting harder for modern people to enjoy even a little bit of relaxing time due to too much work and hectic schedule. However, minor and trivial stress coming from daily life directly affects not only our body, but also our mental health in the long term. It is true that it’s nearly impossible not to get stressed in our lives, but it is still important to reduce it as much as possible for a long and healthy life. 
TUKATA® TRADITIONAL started from this small concern to reduce busy modern people’s stress and help achieve an enjoyable, healthy life. Just like that Korean ancestors used to wish for health and longevity with the ten symbols, Sipjangsaeng, TUKATA suggests a way to live a healthier life with our lifestyle products. 

SAN Large Doll Cushion
SEUM Large Doll Cushion / GEOBUK, BULRO Small Doll Key-ring
DOL Large Doll Cushion / HAE Large Doll Cushion / WOON Small Doll Key-ring
Paper Tags
SAN  / RUMI Large Doll Cushion

Basically, TUKATA® TRADITIONAL characters are inspired by the original shapes of mountain, pine tree, crane, and cloud depicted in Sipjangsaeng painting from the late 18th century, and reinterpreted in a witty, modern way. Also the patterns used in the original painting were schematized and embroidered on each doll to infuse an identity. Doll package is inspired by a traditional Korean wrapping cloth “Bojagi”. We developed a differentiated fabric package to deliver a consistent brand look and feel. 

Doll Packaging

TUKATA made a bag and scarf with a traditional Korean pouch “Bokjumeoni” motif, using Sipjangsaeng characters. The Sipjangsaeng symbols are reborn as the friendly-looking characters, and combined with TUKATA’s lifestyle products in order to lower the entry barrier to traditional Korean items for global customers and also to give a friendly impression.

WOON / RUMI Lucky-bag Packaging (Collaborate with Ojbect)
TUKATA TRADITIONAL Illustration inspired by the 王世子痘候平復陳賀圖屛風
​​​​​​​RUMI Large Doll Cushion
Handkerchief Packaging
​​​​​​​SONA Handkerchief / MUL Small Doll Key-ring​​​​​​​

TUKATA’s Sipjangsaeng-inspired neck pillow has unique details and embroidery patterns. Based on a motif of traditional Korean hat “Gat”, its size is adjustable by tying the strings as a user likes. 

SEUM / ​​​​​​​RUMI Neck Pillow / Packaging
RUMI Neck Pillow / SEUM Small Doll Key-ring
GEOBUK Large Doll Cushion

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Hayoung Jung (@yayahy), Tyodi Hyojin Lee (@tyodi), Hana Jeong

Creative Direction
Tyodi Hyojin Lee

Art Direction / Illustration
Hayoung Jung

Product Managing
Hayoung Jung, Hana Jeong

Garam Jeon (@1mmgraphy), Soosoo Jang (@longevity.in), Bennjules Studio (@bennjules_studio)



TUKATA TRADITIONAL, Korean Ten Symbols of Longevity

TUKATA TRADITIONAL, Korean Ten Symbols of Longevity

TUKATA® TRADITIONAL is TUKATA’s second lineup to evoke preciousness and deliver true value of our own tradition and culture, putting a focus on t Read More


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