Brewstory, 2019
Brewstory, 2019

Concept: During the Visual Discovery Conference at Ohio University, my group produced a Zine featuring the history of a local brewery in Athens, Ohio.

Work: I was responsible for the layout of the first page, which also doubled as the key to our timeline. I also compiled the data, pieced together the story, wrote all of the text, created the 'barrels' infographic featured on some of the panels, came up with the concept of an interactive mini folding zine, and edited some of the icons. 

Challenges: This was the first project that I ever had to collaborate with others on, so learning how to compromise and work together really helped me grow as a designer. For the zine in particular, figuring out how to layout the pages so that it would fold correctly was our biggest challenge, along with collecting and compiling the storyline and data. Below is the layout of the key for the folded zine version, followed by the key designed for a poster format.

Programs: Adobe Illustrator

Timeline: 2.5 days
Brewstory, 2019
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Amanda Weisbrod