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Illustrations for Calendar 2020. Trip around the world

Around the world 

Series of illustrations for the 2020 calendar. It's a round-the-world adventure on a plane for private business aviation Vip Group 
Our travel route map
We start our journey from Saint Petersburg and its wonderful view on Neva river 

Then we land to the beautiful and sunny Pisa, drink Italian wine and overeat gelato, trying to capture the moment and make a photo card with the famous leaning tower
In London, we fly over the Tower Bridge, enjoy the rainbow that came out after a rain and find the royal corgi on board
In New York, taxis are buzzing as always, and the Empire State Building has captured by King Kong
In Rio, everyone is preparing for the celebration of the carnival!
We get to Machu Picchu in the evening, we admire the stunning sunset and squeeze local llamas
In Zanzibar, we decided to watch the safari directly from the biplane, because cheetahs hunted for local natives
In Sydney, we do not notice anything unusual, kangaroos and koalas hurry to the Sydney Opera House, and Dundee cautch one more crocodile
In Singapore, we stop to spend the night at Marina Bay Sands Hotel and have a cocktail, sitting right on the roof of a giant pool!
In Japan, even Pikachu can check in for a flight!
In China, we are witnessing a rehearsal of the Chinese New Year! Spectacularly! In another way it is called "Feast of the sun"
And before returning to Moscow, we are sure to have rest at the best beaches at Dubai. Let's stay at Palm Jumeirah!
Sketching process
Illustrations for Calendar 2020. Trip around the world


Illustrations for Calendar 2020. Trip around the world

Series of illustration for calendar 2020 about travelling around the world for aviation company