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Taiwan Beer - Launching Campaign

Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corp debuted in Vietnam by introducing three beer lines in October 2017. Fruit-favoured beer is a new concept for the Vietnamese market; hence, an opportunity for Taiwan Beer to grow.
The three main lines included Gold Medal, Sweet Touch - Lychee favoured beer and Pineapple preferred beer. All three lines posse a bold taste without bitterness, which is suitable for both men and women.
All products are imported directly from Taiwan to ensure consistency in taste and quality.

Next Good Things Business Consulting Agency
Client: Taiwan Beer
Creative Direction: Minchu
Designers: Tri Dang, Thach Thanh
Project Management: Tuan Nguyen, Khang Khang, Petin Nguyen
Showcase: Run, Irene, Ngan Truong

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Taiwan Beer - Launching Campaign