We had to find a design for Mari – a natural Winecocktail with three ingredients:
Riesling from Germany. Animating Mate from South America and Elderflower.

Our concept was to celebrate life: so we made the Chakana – an acient Inka symbol for life – our logo. It symbolizes life and its volatile nature. So just like life, our logo changes.
The Logo is punched out. On the backside of the label is one of our illustrations,
which you can see through the punch.
The Chakana Cross is never used in its pure form, but always as a illustration like the three ingredients of the drink. The three steps of the cross stand for our three lifes: in Heaven, on Earth and in the Underworld.
This is an illustrated elderflower.
Through this cross you can see Mate.
And these are some grapes.
The Effect of looking through the punch through various angles.
This is how visuals for the Clubs, in which Mari is sold, could look like.
© Kathrin Heimel, Jonas Weber, Katrin Bichler