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Reel Break Down II - One Touch®
Reel Breakdown II
Keying, Color Correction, Rotoscope, Matte Painting & Digital Composition
One Touch® Red Giant Challenge​​​​​​​
One Touch®

This exercise was created within the framework of the Red Giant Challenge Oct 2019. #RGGreenScreen 

This was an amazing opportunity to share and connect with the CGI community in 2019 thanks to Red Giant. 

This video "One Touch®" plays with the short attention span of the viewers as we have so much content available to us. Two seconds watching a video and if we don't like it we'll change to something else to remain satisfied. 

At the beginning we see the viewer in the frame and then we see the action from the viewer's perspective. I sought to capture a realistic fusion between the character and the background. Later to include the text and the hand that touches the screen will reveal the artificiality. This duality continues throughout the work.

Red Giant original footage here.
Red Giant Challenge
Reel Break Down II - One Touch®

Reel Break Down II - One Touch®

Keying and Digital Composition - Red Challenge Oct 2019 #RGGreenScreen