This is a collection of logos that I have designed during 2012 until 2013
Logo for my girlfriend's business cards - inspired by a re-brand concept of the USPS logo I saw on Behance
Another logo I designed for my girlfriend - this was used on print collateral to help raise her money for a mission's trip to Brazil.
My good friend Brandon asked me to to design him a logo for his band and this was the result. See the rest of the logo project here
3D treatment added to a logo I previously designed for my friend's event planning company - Big Day Celebrations. See her project here
My good friend Joe needed a logo for his blog that he was starting to document his adventures on the Appalachian Trail. See the project here
This is an alternate to the Joseph Jimenez logo. See the project here
Business card logo for a friend's landscaping business.
Alternate business card logo for a friend's landscaping business. Obviously inspired by the John Deere logo
Logo created for a client's concert entertainment company. They are a non-profit that brings electronic/jamtronic concerts to the Central Florida area while benefitting other local charities in the area. This logo is still a work in progress.