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    A series of illustrations made by leaves and my hand drawing to create a simple artwork/ image.
Object Art:1 is inspired by "Leaves". These illustrations are made by few types of leaves and also mixed with my hand drawing. Using inconspicuous/ unattractive leaves to create fun, hope and happiness. Don't know what is the name of the leaves, but i found them in drain, my mom's plants and at the playground.
Inspired by one of my favorite artist Banksy.
A lovely little couple walking in the rain.
Kite surfing.
Yeah...I'm hungry. It's a healthy burger. 
Another lovely little couple or maybe brother and sister with love shape balloons. 
A little girl is blowing out her dreams through the bubbles. 
Let's start our journey with this amazing boat. 
A couple is enjoying their dating under a big warm tree.
What a wonderful childhood!