Google IO 2019

Together with Novel, we helped Google showcase the possibilities of ARCore's latest developer release at IO2019.

Google’s ARCore team show off their latest and greatest features to their developer community. Each of the 5 experiences we designed help to highlight the potentials of both joy and purpose that AR can add to our physical space.

AR Garden- Cloud Anchors

AR experiences are more fun when they’re shared. ARCore's Cloud Anchors API let's users create collaborative experiences that Android and iOS users can share. To showcase this, we created a digital ecosystem that let participants grow a garden together.

With persistent tracking, the physical world can become a video game by relaying the position of digital objects to every device in real-time. As users moved around the physical table, magical seeds promoted places in the garden users could plant. Each position spawned a new plant species creating a unique garden with each collective session.

Augmented Images

Augmented reality provides new ways for brands to showcase their value to customers. With ARCore's Augmented Images API you can create spatial experiences using a simple image. To demonstrate a retail use-case, we created an interactive walkthrough that gave users a novel perspective of a Breville at-home espresso machine.

Augmented Faces

Augmented Faces API gives developers a high-quality digital face mesh to create filters and games without a front facing depth sensor. To show developers the mesh capabilities, we created two face filters that promoted mouth triggers, head position, and a lot of fun.


Client: Google, 2019
Agency: Novel

ECD: Jeff Linnell
Creative Director: Jeremy Stewart
Design Technologist: Brandon Kruysman
Design Technologist: Jonathan Proto
Executive Producers: Julia Gottlieb, Jeff Macke
Development: VirtuLabs
Unity Artist: Jeffrey Bryant
3D Design/Animation: Maciek Janicki
3D Design + AD: Peter Tarka
Texture Artist: Patrick Hillstead
Video Production: Stebs, Natalie Rhold
Photography: Aron Pruitt
Fabrication: Dakota Wilder, Andrew Devansky


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Google IO 2019

Google IO 2019

We helped Google showcase the possibilities of ARCore's latest developer release at IO2019.