Tele 2 Russia
Store concept for swedish telecom brand Tele 2 in Russia.
Tele 2 opened their first own telecom stores in Sweden during 2009, with the help of BDC. We provided a platform for thinking about the services and products provided by Tele2 and how to turn telecom sales into a real retail experience. It boiled down to taking the telecom services out of the computer and turn them into physical products that you could actually buy straight of the shelf. The immaterial turned tangiable.

For the russian market, this meant providing the customer with easy steps 1-2-3 in how to choose number, tariff (priceplan), and extra services (VAS). All products placed on wallpanels for easy handling. Optimized logistics and mounting techniques is a necessity since Tele2 coveres huge areas in Russia and has over 1000 sales points. Black and white is the theme to avoid clutter and details such as a custom made wallpaper with logopattern and patterned worktops are all in discreet, cool grey colours.  A Help Desk is situated centered in the store to provide the customer with answers to all their questions and to make a service statement. Tele2 is a high-end brand when it comes to service and quality, though the prices are in the low end of the telecom segment. Tele2 is considered a rebel amongst huge telecom brands and therefore the store is to the point, young but not adolescent, simple yet detailed, rough and exclusive at the same time. The poppy colours of the packages helps with adding power to the statement.

Project done while employed at Boys Don't Cry AB.