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SHAHID Identity & Integrated Campaign | Dubai Lynx
SHAHID Brand Identity & "Be The Maker" 
Integrated Campaign for Dubai Lynx (2nd Place Winner)
SHAHID is a leading Video on Demand (VOD) platform in the Arab region that streams Arabic and international movies and TV shows/ series. "SHAHID" means "watch" in Arabic. The brief was to create a new brand identity for SHAHID to revamp its appearance while remaining true to its audience and brand. This project has won second place in Dubai Lynx's Integrated Competition.
SHAHID Brand Identity:
"Be The Maker" Integrated Campaign:
"Be the Maker" is a campaign that is launched in the form of a competition. The competition is a prompt for creativity targeting mainly 3 types of people 
and 3 sub-types: 
1. Those who write or read 
2. Those who record or listen to music 
3. Those who produce or watch movies 
The purpose of this campaign is to allow people to become  the makers of their own versions of Shahid movies through a new feature or microsite 'Shahid Studio' as a tool 
to create. The top winners of each category would get invited to the  script writing room, music studio, or set of the newest Shahid Original movie.
Online Part I: The first part of the online activation is done through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram in which Shahid prompts the viewers to put themselves in place of famous movie characters. Thus, fueling their imagination 
as to how they would react, making for new creative content. The call to action 
button or link would take them to Shahid Studio.    
Offline: Since the campaign targets the  3 types of people mentioned previously,
the competition is advertised through a multi-visual print campaign in places where 
these types of people would normally be found: bookstores, music/karaoke pubs, 
and cinema theaters. People would then scan the  QR codes on  the ads which will take them to Shahid Studio. 
Online Part II: Part II is a microsite on Shahid's website called "Shahid Studio" which 
is a toolset for the 3 types of people the competition targets. It is a platform for creation: writing, recording, and producing. Each section has its options and tools embedded within it such as AutoTune, LoopMaker, Transitions..etc.
Online Part III: After a user creates his or her script, soundtrack, or movie scene, 
they can share it on their personal social media accounts showing off their work 
and encouraging others to participate. 
SHAHID Identity & Integrated Campaign | Dubai Lynx

SHAHID Identity & Integrated Campaign | Dubai Lynx

SHAHID Brand Identity & "Be The Maker" Integrated Campaign for Dubai Lynx.