2019-2020 competitive scholarship
Life on 2..., variable dimensions, 2019, ink pen.

initial sketches imagining life on space station 2. "2" combines aspects of design and speculative fiction to visually explore ideas of utopia, cooking, and product fabrication through space exploration and magic.
A day on 2, 24'' x 11'', spring 2019, intaglio print

this triptych further explores the narrative aspect of "2". Warped environments and abstracted forms and patterns demonstrate the complexity and magic of imagined future space exploration, as well as the familiarity and comfort of mealtime.
Rainforests: Gone in Our Lifetime? 11'' x 17'', spring 2019, Intaglio print and original copper plate

drawing upon the psychedelic motifs of bootleg Grateful Dead shirts, as well as Google's deep dream project, this print further explores the aesthetic capabilities of combining both properties into one design. Instead of using the deep dream generator to produce the elaborate patterns, one can use their own hand and personal symbols to abstract a drawing. 
Visual research and material experimentation 3 month timeline, 2019, variable size, variable material

This map shows the thought process behind the research done for the class Drawing: surface and space. Each idea evolved from the previous one, information was processed by observation and then through the hand to produce something new.

1.initial inspiration, scattered weathered rocks on the sidewalk

2. rough observational sketches done of the scattered rocks, cut up and collaged together

3. cardboard rendering of imagined space from the previous collage

4. observational drawing of the cardboard structure

5. bioplastic cup and pieces iterative of the observed drawing and original scattered rocks.

6. another observational drawing using the past pieces for pattern and textural clues

7.candy glass and wire experiment

8. bioplastic drawing surface and lamp for illumination 

9. drawing on the bioplastic imagining bugs on the surface illuminated by the lamp.

10. iterative cardboard drawing and paper onion

11.cardboard structure rendered using the google deep dream generator

world #1, 34'' x 35'' fall 2019, drafting paper and ballpoint pen
landscapes 2 & 3, fall 2019, variable size, drafting paper and marker
summary of biopolymer research, fall 2019, variable size, homemade biopolymer

homemade biopolymer was made using arrowroot, glycerin, water, and vinegar. the goal was to create drawing surfaces that are both beautiful, and temporary. easily cooked up, once used for their purpose, surfaces can be dissolved in water and disposed of.
deep dream landscape 1, 30'' x 30'', fall 2019, deep dream simulation, drafting paper, and ballpoint pen
living room, deep dream generated, fall 2019, animated with Maya software, batch rendered using open source deep dream code

more so a technical experiment using pre animated scenes, this animation was my latest exploration of deep dream technology, using open source programming to batch render frames into a cohesive video that appears strange and abstracted.

computer's perfect living room, fall 2019, 3d animation using Maya software

this animation simulates a hypothetical computer's dream, where the a.i. in my MacBook might utilize deep learning technology to build it's perfect living room based off of my google searches and likes on instagram.
2019-2020 competitive scholarship

2019-2020 competitive scholarship