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馬祖好神 Gods of Matsu

Visual identity design for Gods of Matsu





People always associate Matsu with military landscapes like bunker and fort expectedly. Actually Matsu is also a rich treasury of Taiwan-folk beliefs, and it’s worthy to explore deeper. In order to introduce the folk beliefs in Matsu systematically, we have planned and built the website Gods of Matsu in cooperation with Lienchiang County Government, and we also provide related visual design productions.

To develop a visual identity, we try to combine the island landscape of Matsu and the concept of god blessing, and make it look friendly and intelligible with simple strokes.

In terms of website production, because of the huge amount of data, first we arrange some feature sections like folk beliefs, introducing of gods, festivals and so on. And then we try to build a layering content in each section in order to provide the website intelligibility.

We also designed a guiding leaflet for the historic cultural relics exhibition of Jinbanjin Mazu Temple. So that people can have a better understanding of this 400-years-old Mazu temple, with eastern Fujian’s traditional cultural and architectural sensibilities. Besides of the index for exhibition, we tried to introduce the folk beliefs and festivals of Matsu in a friendly way, so we did some portrait drawings for gods of Matsu.

視覺識別設計 Visual Identity Design
網站設計 Website Design
導覽折頁設計 Pamphlet Design
馬祖好神 Gods of Matsu

馬祖好神 Gods of Matsu