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Indeed - smart & small

We had a pleasure in creating “Smart & Small” animated series for Indeed - the most comprehensive search engine for jobs - as a part of the “We help people get jobs” campaign. ​​​​​​​

Powerful Resume Words to Include and Avoid

How to Write a Cover Letter

5 Indeed Job Search Hacks

Top Skills for Your Resume

Our host Denise shared small tips on how to write a Cover Letter, which words to use and which to avoid on your resume, she shared job search hacks and listed top skills to mention on your resume for different industries. All of these small changes can lead to big results in your career. ​​​​​​​



For the campaign we created a miniature world with 7 puppet-like characters to imitate stop-motion look and feel. Distinctive character design was inspired by prominent letter “i” from the Indeed logo. We used real-life materials - colored wood, fabric, paper and plastic - all that could have been used if creating miniature environment. ​​​​​​​



Client: Indeed
Agency: Virtue by Vice
Director: Roberts Kulenko
Senior Producer: Rita Steimane
Producer: Arturs Liberts
Creative Director: Tyler Pierce 
Art Director: Gints Gutmanis, Oskars Pavlovskis
Script: Virtue by Vice
Storyboard: Liga Spunde, Arturs Bunts
Look Dev: Oskars Pavlovskis
Design & Illustration: Gints Gutmanis 
Technical Direction: Karlis Stigis 
3D Modelling: Sergejs Kolecenko, Gints Gutmanis, Oskars Pavlovskis, Karlis Stigis, Konstantins Smirnovs, Dmitrijs Maslakovs, Nauris Asenkampfs, Janis Spelmanis, Konstantīns Višņevskis, Kaspars Šverns
2D Animation: Gints Gutmanis, Vadim Luks, Stas Tikhomirov, Ivan Popov, Artem Mikhailov
3D Animation: Oskars Pavlovskis, Karlis Stigis, Konstantins Smirnovs, Nauris Asenkampfs
Shading & Lighting: Oskars Pavlovskis, Karlis Stigis, Konstantins Smirnovs, Dmitrijs Maslakovs, Konstantīns Višņevskis
Rigging: Konstantīns Višņevskis 
Compositing & Color Correction: Gints Gutmanis, Kristaps Steimanis
Editing: Roberts Kulenko
Sound Design: Virtue by Vice

Indeed || Smart & Small
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