The Pitch
Work Better at Home 
with Logitech

Logitech was looking for a visual language that help them to speak about ergonomics.
The own-ability of a graphic language is crucial to recognize a brand.
That's is exactly what Clim Studio was going for. 
We realized all what we needed to do was to look closer...
Character's Concept

"Your body is at its best 
when you don’t feel it at all." 

Making part of our characters’ bodies invisible felt like the perfect way to communicate ergonomics in a very subconscious level. The inspiration for the characters came directly from Logitech’s logotype itself making them fully ownable.
Character's Proposal
First Styleframes
Wellbeing While Working
Human Inspired Products
Rigorous Testing Process

We won the Pitch!

​​​​​​​Logitech loved our concept but it needed to be refined.
Characters were way too abstract for what they were looking for.
​​​​​​​Watch HERE the Final Project.
Find out more about its Creative Process.

Pitch Credits

Director: Clim.
Produced by: Clim Studio +
Client: Logitech.

Creative & Art Director: Clim.
Character Design: Clim & Edgar Ferrer.
Character Posing: Laura Sirvent.
CG Artists: Edgar Ferrer & João Lucas.

From Client:
Executive Creative Director: Chris Perrins
Senior Business Manager / Digital Wellness: Camille Mercier.
Senior Content Producer: Martin Ihle.
Creative Strategists: Michael Kirwan & Pierre Sponchiado.
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Logitech Ergo - THE PITCH