Biker Bride Comic
The brief was to take a South African story and create a graphic novel/comic development around the story.
During a bitterly cold Easter weekend of 1968, a young engaged couple were on their way to Uniondale. The woman Marie charlotte roux, was sleeping on the back seat of their volkswagen beetle.
Marie's fiancé lost control of the car. The car overturned and she was killed. Marie was reported dead at the scene by officer mnr.van zyl. Her death was tragic for her fiancé. At Marie's funeral it was said that her and her fiancé were on their way to Uniondale to get married.
8 years later...
A motorcyclist, Jan was on his way to 
Uniondale for business...
In the distance Jan could see a mirage of a beautiful hitchhiker in a long white dress. The closer Jan  got the more he could see her  
beauty. This was an opportunity that could not be missed. 
The woman gracefully accepted the bikers offer and got onto the motorbike. Jan caught himself smiling as he knew opportunities like this didn't come around very often. The woman gripped Jan's shirt and held him close.
15km down the road Jan felt a sudden shake and the motorbike
jolted. He stopped the bike to look for his passenger. Jan searched and called for the woman although he knew she wasn't there. Poor Jan doubted his sanity and was left very confused.
Little did he know, she had died 8 years prior to their meet, and that he had actually given a lift to the biker bride, ghost of Uniondale.