- Anti Human Trafficking Campaign - 
It is estimated in South Africa  that 30,000 children are being  prostituted of which,  half are younger than 14 years old. It is believed that children as young as four are prostituted. What young girls need to be aware of is that there are up to 10,000 children sold into prostitution  in Johannesburg alone.
Young girls are also trafficked for sexual exploitation because they are perceived to present less of a risk in terms of HIV and AIDS and because of the ‘sexual desirability of youth'. Their 'purity' and 'innocence' is what promotes selling young girls.
What  is hard to believe that so many bad things can happen to one innocent  person. While we love to focus on the successes, and the people who get out, there are the stories that are never told. There are the ones who do not get out, the ones who are too far-gone to want out, and the ones who are never found. The girl who gets trafficked twice before the age of 15, and when she is finally rescued, her family refuses to take her back.
This awareness campaign is based on the purity of this targeted age group. The white look and feel adds to their innocence, while tainting this vulnerability with the haunted, cold  reality of human trafficking.