Entered into the 2012 D&AD Awards, under the Photography Category for Rankin's Hunger Magazine.
Two of South Africa’s most prized minerals - diamonds and gold are not just valuable for their net worth but more importantly for their history, for each tells the story of our beloved country.  The two models in this shoot represent these fundamental minerals, which while different, share South Africa’s wealth and richness. Our once divided country has had its differences but despite the troubles, hardship and pain we meld together like tempered gold and make up this country’s unique beauty.
The discovery of diamonds in South Africa began with an inauspicious start –an unusual pebble, picked up from the banks of for the Orange River in1867, was years later discovered to be a rare 21,25carat diamond. In many ways, South Africa can be compared a diamond in the rough like that pebble on the banks of a river, it too can become something more magnificent than we ever dared to believe. The first model illustrates this, beautiful, but masked in the dirt of the earth. This is symbolic of the hard work and war fought over our treasure. The diamonds on her face are placed like African beads reminding us of the roots of this country. The portrayal of this mineral on her face adds to the natural texture of the face as well as a suggestion of encrusted diamonds nestled in the rock face.
The largest gold resources in the world were found in the area of the Witwatersrand and it is therefore not a surprise that South Africa is one of the world leaders in gold mining. Johannesburg's name in Zulu is Egoli, which means place of gold. Gold, being such a big part of South Africa’s resources hosts the inspiration behind the second model. Her poised, powerful stance suits the mature nature of this mineral, which is double the volume of water. Gold is what makes up the heart of “Jozi” and is a solid foundation for the province and the country.
Macro shots have been taken of the models to capture the intensity of the concept. South Africa is a strong and powerful country that has been through a lot of growth and development and it is not done growing. Strong light and texture has been used in order to capture character and liveliness, creating an almost 3D effect.
Minerals that make up the solid ground for this country are emblematic for where the country’s future lies. Portraying this history has brought to life the potential of this diverse country.