I've tried to do some expermentation with Lens Reversal Macro photography. My kit was a Canon EOS 1100D with a 18-55 mm kit lens. I've shot some stuff on my desk (a tennis ball, an old video card and a match). I found the results pretty amazing. I know these shots are not the best and they are blurry but I think they serve the purpose very well. 

Since lens was not mounted on the body and focal length was so shallow it was really hard to focus and stay focused. As a result, you can see most of the images are blurry. 

Another thing I liked was this pinkish haze of color. I left a little bit of the lens mount open and this was the result.

There is no editing whatsoever.
This is my tennis ball which I've never used for its real purpose due to my lazyness.
Circuit board of my old Nvidia 9800GT. Pinkish color is a result of an open space between lens and camera mirror.