DIY Musicians
The indie music netlabel
Started in 2007, the DIY Musicians group released its first compilation album under the diym netlabel in December, 2009. The label aims to promote music created by indie artists from around the world helping them gain audiences and spread their music.
The logo for the DIY Musicians music label.
The clean wordpress theme Fjords04 by Peter Andrej was styled to make it a perfect fit for the label.
The website homepage showcases the primary output of the label which are its album releases, by making them the center of attention in the layout. The simple grid framework also houses the logo and the main links so that the end effect is that of a unified whole.
Clicking on an album cover takes the visitor to the music explorer page where the tracklist is presented and clicking on one of the tracks pulls up the track details while playing the song in the background as seen underneath.
There are options to share the song on facebook, download an mp3 to your device, hear other songs by the same artist or visit the artist's website.