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    a cycling jersey from draft to product
For some time we have been carrying the idea of creating a jersey especially for road cycling.
In late 2011 we decided to start the project with the aim of presenting our first road jersey in spring, just in time for the upcoming cycling season of 2012.
After some large photo print layouts and some experiments with text-based designs Claudius came up with the idea of a map design covering the whole jersey.
It was then that we also changed our mind from planning a team jersey, inspired by professional racing teams' jersey designs to a layout which featured a more "fashion"-like appearance.
To avoid copyright issues by copying a map - and to reduce the amount of work coming with re-drawing an actual map - Claudius designed a completely new imagined map featuring a mountain pass road and a nearby summit.
Originally drawn by hand, he imported it to a vector graphics computer application to continue working on it.
The scan of the original drawing is pictured here:
By using different layers for the map, its symbols, BTRH brandings, and so on, the layout took shape.
Below: The road, two creeks and some paths in a layer, ready to be placed over the topography.
Placing the scanned sketch as a gauge Claudius created the topography layers for the different contour lines, starting from the top (as pictured below) but later switching to the lowest height levels to complete the layers until meeting the already designed higher parts.
To fit as a template for all sizes of the future jerseys the layout had to be extended in all directions.
The finished map is pictured below.
In a next step Claudius added all BTRH brandings and design items. Also added was a tag to support the German "Initiative Cycleride" which is dedicated to improving the often catastrophic conditions cyclists face especially in cities and on cycling lanes (Please also visit their own website for further information. Thanks!).
Pictured is the first finished layout dating from about March 2012. We also considered other colours for the framing elements of the jersey which you will find below.
In close cooperation with Owayo, the company chosen to print the jerseys, we faced a not quite unexpected but nonetheless distressing backlash.
It turned out more and more clearly  that the unique design feature of leading the mountain pass road across the shoulder of the jersey - allegorizing the highest point of the pass transition - could not be realized.
Due to this problem which could not be solved by other companies, too, Claudius once more changed the design, resulting in two different layouts (see below).
We also decided to delay the printing of the jerseys as it became obvious they would be too late for the 2012 summer season.
After quite a lot of mailing and cooperative work with Owayo (as no other company could provide the printing of the original design) the layout was finalized in late 2012.
Below you'll see the final design.
Before placing the order at Owayo, we received a proof printout on the original cloth. It again required a revision of the layout to adjust the linewidths, which had led to some odd effects, as one can observe below.
After about a year of Claudius' more or less continous work, we are proud to present our first road cycling jersey:
If you are interested in buying the road jersey, please visit the BTRH web store!
The limited quantities printed in the first order are already almost sold out which may lead to longer delivery times depending of your ordered size.
But we are sure the jersey is worth the wait as it will guarantee a unique appearance wherever you race your road bike!
And, last but not least, you will also do a good deed as five Euros of every jersey's price will be donated to Initiative Cycleride!