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    Redesign of a chocolate milk carton
This is a packaging a packaging task we received from a Norwegian dairy producer called Q-meieriene. where the task was to redesign their chocolate milk-carton. Their main target group is Norwegian boys from the age of 15 to 25. After evaluating and talked with several guys in this age group, I was left with a few words that connected their interests together, and it was cool, active, playful and speed. 

The concept is to change the Q chocolate milk into something more cool and active than it is today. To meet the primary target group the design must appeal to the target group interests and attitudes. Therefore, I have chosen to change the Q-dairies communication concept to "Norges diggeste sjokolademelk." Something that describes the words cool, active, playful and speed is the skate park. I have used an illustration of chocolate milk on the carton that works as a skate ramp to bring out the flavor in the milk. The measurement window on the side of the carton will act as a kind of energy measuring where tricks related to skateboarding with different difficulty levels. When the carton is full, you have enough energy to make a lighter tricks such as ollie and when the carton is almost empty, you have the energy to do harder tricks like a handstand.