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    Tiras que falam do cotidiano / Everyday life comic strips.
As tirinhas são publicadas semanalmente no facebook
The comic strips are weekly published at the facebook fanpage.
Translation: They have postponed my deadline! Great, now I can dedicate myself harder. / Or I can watch a movie, have a beer, see my friends and be happy. / 
What's showing at the movies today?
Translation: Ginger, you can't be jealous like this. / I don't know what else to do. I'll ask Google for help. 'Jealous dogs...' / "What we consider as jealousy is nothing more than the dog bossing it's owner." / Do you think so? - Don't you? 
Translation: My project schedule for the month is ready! / Oh, but I already didn't do this... / So I have to move it here... and that one here... / ____ / I'm just gonna start working.