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After the presentation of the first MELT concept, we received a lot of positive feedback about the project.
Many publications have published about him.
After all these informational occasions, we thought for a long time how to produce our collection and came up with a simple solution.
We have kept the same idea, form. A bowl and a lamp were also added to the collection.

The first and main element of the collection is a coffee table. The tabletop is hung on a curved leg. All parts are easy to disassemble and fold into a compact box.
In addition to the collection, we made a hanging bowl. Users can put all his small things in it and always know where to find them.
The third subject is a small dot of light. This is an elegant tall floor lamp that can be placed next to your favorite armchair or sleeping bed.

"I think that our new collection has become 
even simpler and more understandable.
Ivan Voitovych

"We are sure that our MELT2.0 collection 
will give users a new user experience and emotions!"
Ivan Voitovych

We will be grateful to your reposts and 
publications in your social media!

THANKS for watching!

MELT collection