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Apartments "Prospect"
Apartments "AVENUE"
Style: contemprorary
Location: Ukraine, Khmelnitskiy 
Year: 2018
Designer: Tatyana Rusetskaya
The apartment is mostly held in black and white tones diluted with noble green accents, green plants, a chocolate wood as well as a delicate powdery wall behind the head of the bed in the bedroom.
The owners like elegant minimalism that’s why a lot of interior elements have a hint of luxury and chic against a background of black and white minimalism.
The living room was not completely combined with the kitchen but at the same time a place for a sofa was found in the kitchen as well as a dining area on the loggia with a beautiful panoramic view.
A powdery pink accent shade significantly creates an atmosphere in this room.
Surely a make-up area for wife was provided in the bedroom.
The entrance to the bedroom lies through a private wardrobe, so we have engaged an earlier unused corridor.
Porcelain tiles in black and white marble are used in the bathroom. Straight lines are combined with round shapes.
A children's room also has its own separate dressing room.
Apartments "Prospect"