Nets Rug tufting
Works produced for international exhibition 'Nets'
Whilst researching for this set of work i came across a passage in Anna and the Black Knight by Fynn (Sydney Hopkins).
‘Fynn,’ she said, pointing at the red dot again, ‘that’s you.’
‘I know, you told me.’
And with that, she stuck the point of the compass in me, the red dot I mean.
She was busy opening the compass until the writing point met one of the dots, and with the sharp bit still stuck in me, the red dot, she drew a circle. So far so good. It was more than an hour before she had finished doing the same thing for each one of the other dots and there I was, right in the centre of all those concentric circles.
‘Fynn, all the other dots want it too. They want them circles too.’
‘I done that too! I done it! I’ll go and get it.’
In this one all dots’ wishes and wants had been fulfilled, for now each and every dot was in the centre of its own nest of concentric circles.
For one circle of every other dot passed slap bang through the middle of me. There was the dot called Anna, Mum, Millie and since everybody is a dot, you too!
‘every dot is special, no unique, the meeting point of one circle of every other dot.’
The very simple reasoning behind this quote indicates that we are all somehow connected to one another, in modern speech we might refer to this as a ‘network’.
I chose to visualise the outcomes of my drawing using the technique of rug tufting. Viewing the finished strands of wool end on adds depth, texture and warmth to the pieces. The video below shows a time-lapse of me working on the three rugs over the course of one day.


Rugs created for nets international exhibition.