Vera Rubin Observatory — Night Sky

After Effects
3D Motion
The Vera C. Rubin Observatory (VRO), also known as the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is
the largest telescope in the world, currently under construction. Named after dark matter pioneer
Vera C. Rubin, it honors her legacy to probe the nature of dark matter by mapping and cataloging billions of galaxies through space and time.

Located on the El Peñón peak of Cerro Pachón, a 2,682-meter-high mountain in the Coquimbo Region,
in northern Chile, VRO's design is unique among large telescopes. Having a very wide field of view
to capture large portions of the night sky in enormous detail — every few nights — will allow scientists, students, enthusiasts, and the general public to observe the universe in motion. 

VRO, unlike almost all previous large astronomical observatories, has committed to making all data public as soon as it is taken.


It was a great pleasure working with amazing people at VRO and we had a lot of fun digging
into the field of astrophysical visualization.

Director: Martin Nabelek
CGI: Ludvík Koutný, Jozef Doliňák, Martin Nabelek
Pre-production: Matej Vázal
Storyboards: Veronika Zacharová
Colorist: Anna Klvanova
Production Company: Noir Studio  
Audio: Zelig Sound

Vera Rubin Observatory — Night Sky