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I gave myself three days to completely rebrand myself and create material and collateral I will use on day to day life as a professional designer, the culmination of this quick turnaround project is the concept of A+, or Abbas+. 
I wanted to step away from the common trend when it comes to branding - the use of initials to create a logo or badge, instead I took my first initial and added a + sign after it, which commonly is a mark for excellent. While branding myself as excellent is a clear marker in itself, the + sign has many connotations including...
The bottom two in the list are the two most important to me as an emerging Graphic Designer. Progression is close to me as I'm a designer constantly seeking to learn, improve and progress my knowledge and expertise. Collaboration is an increasingly important and vital part of my design practice, so it's now an important part of my branding.
Abbas+ also creates an immediate relationship and feeling of collaboration, across my portfolio and website, so for example if I am commissioned by Nike, the project will be titled Abbas+Nike, creating much more of a relationship and essence of collaboration, even in the name. This is essential to me and my practice.
Meetings Planner documents with flourescent spot varnished logo element. 
The visual identity aims to reference my strong use of colour throughout my work with a visual style with more of a sense of understated professionalism allowing my design work to stand out and speak for itself.
Business cards have my important contact details and profile on both sides, giving maximum chance of the viewer digesting the correct information. Unlike business cards so often seen with an abstract logo on one side which could represent anyone with information on the back.
The Abbas+ has a purposeful amount of space beneath it for conversation with a potential client. If I was speaking with a John, I would simply be able to write 'Abbas+John. Nice to speak to you, talk soon!'  and give it to him,
This creates an immediate connection, sense of collaboration and a conversation which John can remember and recall when my card falls out of his wallet.
Responsive design website which combines vertical and horizontal scrolling for quick and easy navigation and viewing of previous projects.
All projects on website and promotional packages are Abbas+ , creating a deeper connection and sense of collaboration with personal projects and clients.
The CV and Promo pack take the form of, and, reference heavily a medical report, this for me was an interesting approach towards the idea of a profile of me - which a CV, or a Resume basically is.
Yup, my blood type is A+
Hopefully this super-quick project was enjoyable to view and the concept was somewhat succesful.
Thank you for your time
A + Self-Branding

A + Self-Branding

Quick turn-around project to rebrand myself in 3 days and producing business cards, letterheards and all material and collateral a designer would Read More
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