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    Multimedia felt works
Mixed media works in felt and plastics
One of my largest bodies of work to date has been a series of light boxes which successfully achieved the marriage of light and felt, Information on the process which led to this series can be found under lighting projects.
I love hand made felt. The textures it produces and vivid colour tones which are achievable are difficult to find in other materials. As my fascination with felt continued, i became increasingly interested in introducing other materials to it. Because of the unique way felt is created it naturally rejects other materials (unless they themselves are highly fibrous). Using non-wovens and slicing the felt through to present  a cross section as a new surface, challenges the viewer to rationalise the crisp lines on the interior of a visually soft and fluffy exterior.
Using a large and vibrant colour pallete allows for the individual felt rolls to become brush strokes, tessellating together to create vivid and striking patternation usually based on a 'cartoon' of a landscape drawing or print.
The more muted tones above were commissioned for an exhibition on the island of North Ronaldsay  using wool from the local sheep. The pattern here was created using sea charts showing the isobaths or depth contours around the island itself.