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Stichting Maastrichtse Componisten

Maastrichtse Componisten

Promotion and graphic design classical music event: Stemmig Maastricht 2019.

De Vijf van Maastricht:
Joseph Hollman
Carl Smulders
Andrée Bonhomme
Jean Lambrechts
Hans Leenders

Newsletters (mailchimp) - sponsor and public invitations - flyers - programme booklet - posters - A0 wall posters - roll-up banners - greeting cards - templates for social media - facebook ads for ticket sales - banners for social media - ads for offline media - stills for cinema advertising and local tv.

Maastrichtse Componist Jo van den Booren, graphic design flyer, image editing (Photoshop) poster, social media templates.

Concert and plaquette unveiling of Robert Heppener 27 October 2019. 
Design poster and digital images for this event of Maastrichtse Componisten
Stichting Maastrichtse Componisten


Stichting Maastrichtse Componisten

Graphic design and advertising for Stichting Maastrichtse Componisten.