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    Set of illustrations studying the art deco era and stylistics.
Study of the art deco stylistics and fashions for a project. Project yet to come. This was preliminary work investigating the various drawing techniques - from incredibly detailed and decorative style to simple geometry characteristic of deco ads. 

The objective was to capture the spirit of the Jazz Age era - slick chandleresque gents, fatal vamps and flappers in silver lame` gowns and chinchilla lined coats that lasted the life of one party... champagne baths, strings of pearls, lounging robes of sumptuous silk, ankle watches, doll-like hand bags, beaded headdresses and too-toos, Oriental platform shoes, pantaloons and top hats, peacock outfits and sheer gowns with leopard paws trimming on the breasts, huge drop jewel  earrings and white elephants. Enjoy!