Sense Interaction was the company that supplied this projects to MTV Finland
first contact with finnish MTV through IA Media.
the goal was to create a loopable background for a show ("Voittojahti") to use as a virtual scenary.
they wanted something that would remind summer evenings
...Later on, it was asked a variation for the "VoittoJahti"
in lighter colors, "almost white" with a more "Wintery feeling" to it
intro for the "Alynvalays" show
The word means "Idea" so the intro was supposed to be about
"the act of having ideas" but also about"shows" and "money"
as the phone is an important component of these shows,
it had to be present.
It was meant to have a fun playfull look
different game graphics used during the show
intro for the "EcoChat" show
The show was about ecology,
where the contestants were to send text msgs using their cell phones.
each message would appear on screen via a virtual board that was part of the virtual scenary.
The intro was meant to have a near black and white look with only the logo, also produced for this show, in color.
It had to have a winter feeling to it.
in "EcoChat" each time a person sent a message,
it would apear in this board.
The more messages sent the more trees were to be planted in real life!
So it were drawn five different trees in ten different growth levels,
that's 50 drawings in total.
From those, it were composed 50 images,
that are here on the board,
and were both on the board and on the person's celly
as a thank you gift showing the forest that he/she had helped to plant
Many of these shows had associated instructional Videos like the one above.
To produce these, it was given a voice over file and a text file
both in Finnish.
From there, assets like graphics and text were to be designed and synched.
Intro for the "Xmas Show"
it was a fun project...
not only because all the assets had to be drawn and animated,
but also because it was a team work.
For the "Xmas Show", as for the others,
we had to produce several layout animations
such as graphics "in" and "out", highlight a certain element,
and show the correct answer.
For this project it was created a virtual set
I had the chance to art direct,and to animate.
like for the other shows, ti were produced the
graphics "in" "out", highlighting and showing the right answer


colaboration with sense interaction for production of contents to be used in MTV 3 [MTV Finland]
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