Eames rocking armchair modelling/rendering exercise

Eames fibreglass rocking armchair modelling/rendering exercise

I have been meaning to model this chair for some time. This project kept me busy over the summer/Christmas holidays. The main seat shell was modelled as a main half, then trimmed before the rolled edge was modelled. The main surface is a single span and I manually sculpted the CVs. I do not have an actual chair for reference, so there are bound to be differences. I over built the main surface and then trimmed it back to where the form curves outward. I then modelled the rolled/waterfall edge.

I had a bit of a play with the fibreglass materials, trying to replicate some of the worn original examples that are shown online. To render this as a contemporary injection-moulded plastic version would not have done the design justice :)

Modelled in Rhino 5, set up/materials in Lightwave, lit using HDR Light Studio Tungsten and rendered with Octane 2019.
1. Elevations
2. Centreline
3. Base curves
4. Main surface using edge curves. Rebuilt with a suitable amount of CVs
5. Tangent centreline using set point
6. Sculpting the form by moving CVs
7. Mirror the main surface
8. Zebra check the main form
9. Create the outer trim
10. Create the rolled/waterfall edge
11. Offset to thicken and create blended outer edge
12. Model rockers and under structure
13. Final parts prior to meshing and export
Eames rocking armchair modelling/rendering exercise