Be a Camper, 2011
This project is the final result of my internship at Impact 2818 Outdoor Ministries during the 2010 summer.

My internship took place while the information and pictures were still being compiled for the 2011 camp season. Because of this, my role was to develop a theme and layout of a 28" x 36" two-sided poster that would incorporate pictures of over 200 campers, a full schedule of all events across seven camp sites throughout Indiana, information about those sites, and other information about Impact 2818 and different opportunities offered for kids grade 1-13. 
Detail, Front

I also created a series of "ID tags" for each site which allows a standard visual recognition throughout the poster to be created. 
Detail, Back

To further explain what camps each site offers, I designed a Pod for each site which correlates with the ID tags on the front.