Allt Gott (e. All Good) is my MFA Graphic Design thesis. Allt Gott is a non-profit collective of Icelandic products and manufacturers. They operate under a common manifesto and share a common goal. The goal is to expand Iceland’s role within the global consumer economy and strengthen Iceland’s export brand. Iceland suffered an economic collapse in October 2008 and it is vital that Icelanders look forward and create new venues and opportunities for the country to survive. The collective functions as an aid to nurture the local manufacturing industry. To give existing companies a pathway to export, and new businesses a better chance at a sustainable growth. Through cohesive visuals, marketing placement, and pooled logistical costs, the manufacturers will operate in a better economical climate and have a better chance at developing their products and customer base. My goal with this thesis is to create opportunities for new ideas.
I chose to combine the project into one book. I introduced the reader to the country before leading them into the idea, and the reasons behind the decisions made in the project. The second part of the book talks about
the business and financial planning and shows the economic viability of the collective. In the third part I introduce the brand and guidelines. I showcase various collateral, for print and web, and finally the design for the Allt Gott range of products.
Logomark in English, Spanish, Icelandic, French and German.
The AG stamp is designed to give a monogram stamp of approval to our products. Its lightness and stamp inspiration is to communicate that this exists on top of another brand;
the stamp of an umbrella brand. It holds together, unifies, and assists. The stamp also communicates the journey behind the product with its hint of postal markings. The Allt Gott stamp further references traditional styles of collectives and monograms, small entities, boutiques and old apothecaries.
Promotional materials and business system. Icelandic language reference strong for curiosity.
A big purpose of the Allt Gott collective is strengthening the Icelandic country-of-origin brand. Aside from promotional materials, such as environmental graphics, the products are the strongest line of communication to
the consumer. It is therefore integral to the package design to keep a strong focus on the background of the product. This is implemented on all Allt Gott products in the form
of a ‘reveal.’ Labels are opened, tags are flipped, and bands
are unwrapped. This interactive packaging is used to educate. First to tell the story of the company or the place of origin. Secondly to tell the story of the product, and it’s historical context within Icelandic culture. By putting into narrative
the background of the product, a bond or friendship is created between the consumer and the manufacturers. The consumer learns where this is from, and most importantly, what the company behind it stands for. As the consumer has contact with additional Allt Gott products and narratives, a deeper understanding of the country-of-origin develops. The illustrations of the Allt Gott brand come into play within the packaging as representations of various elements.
They can represent the actual manufacturer–a milkmaid, a fisherman; or as the product itself–sheep, fish.