So I saw a short made by Joshua Durst, a frea\cking genius in animation: 
And fell in love with his little ducklings, up to the point that I needed to make a 3d version of them just as a way of fanart. Here is a screenshot of one of my favorite faces of the little guys:
And here is my tribute!
The thing is that after making it, I decided I wanted to give it a try and send the render to him, just to say "hey, I love them and here is a humble way of thanking for all the times I laughed with them".... And just a few hours after I sent the email, the cool and friendly Joshua Durst sent me back an email with the following pic:
He loved it!! There you can see his signutare on this specially made postcard for me! This is by far one of my sweetest achivements.... :)
And now! The 3D prints!!!!