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    Adalaj is small village North of City of Ahamadabad. This is first effort to photography Islamic/Hindu Architecture.
Crafted Mirage
Stepped Well at Adalaj, Gujarat, India
Three major carving patterns dominate the texture of the well: Floral, Animals & Human forms & Geometric patterns.
Intricate Carving at this mid-landing symbolizes the well as Kalpa Vriksha [Tree of life].
Three main entrances to the well [North, South & West] intersect to form four carved balconies.
Surrounding earth absorbs all the heat during summer, keeping well temperature consistent.
Tallest twin pillars in the well supporting mid landing roof are carved with varying carving style.
Well is four level deep, which helps reach seasonal fresh water table.
West entrance let’s low winter light enter deep in the well, helping add winter warmth.
Carving has an interesting amalgamation of Hindu, Islamic & Jain architecture.
Constructed completely below ground with Sandstone, well acted [during its active use] as a refuge place for travelers.

Well site also attracts surrounding Villagers during annual religious rituals.