Toronto is Home.
Many people always say Toronto is an ugly city, whether it be dirty, too cold, too slow and inaccessible. Sure, even I've been there. I've called it those things and worse.
Toronto is the world's Screwface Capital. The people of our city will only devote energy into something they believe is great; something that is unique to their city, something that we can call our own. Not only are we the worst at self deprecation, but even rivals tell us that we're not good enough; not culturally, physically or artisinally.
I say we're just finding our own way.

Inspiration: The Airplane Boys
Track: Clams Casino - All I Need

Technical Information:
Camera: Canon 7D, Canon T2I
Lenses: Sigma 8-16mm, Samyang 8mm, Sigma 30mm
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