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The Totem Poster Collection

The Wolf / The Transformative

There is a rough magic to the wolf's howl that stirs in one, a longing for a mystical communion
with nature. The animal soul, both ferociously wild and confidently loyal.
The wolf represents transmutations into form and corporeity of the diffuse light of dawn and dusk,
the intervals of transition and enchantment known in folklore as "the hour of the wolf".

The Bear / The Masculine

 Wild & massive, there is an unfathomable power surging just beneath the surface of the bear. Woe be to the one who provokes it's wrath. However the bear is also playful, warm & gentle despite its massive strength.
While a representative of The Yang, the bear brings with it a duality of light and dark, 
awakening & hibernation, death & rebirth. 

The Deer / The Feminine

Elegantly bridging the earthly & the spiritual realms, the deer calms & soothes with it's natural & effortless beauty.
As frequent companion of the Daoist immortals the deers very nature symbolize purity and sublimity,
with feminine qualities that connect it esoterically to the Yin side of the universe. 

The Raven / The Wisdom

Countless cultures point to the raven as a harbinger of powerful secrets.
Odin's famous ravens Hugin & Munin ("Thought" & "Memory") flies shamanlike through
the "nine worlds", prying and probing beneath the surface of things.
The Thought & Memory that peck away at our  own illusions & pretensions to reveal the wisdom of the universe.

The Totem Poster Collection

The Totem Poster Collection

The Totem Poster Collection is a range of art posters that will help anyone connect with their totem or spirit animal. Infused with symbolism fro Read More