Value Cards
Europapier and InkPression collaborated on organizing the event “Brand and stationery for print lovers” in Sofia, Bulgaria. They invited us to participate in the initiative with a self-promotion of the studio. 

What we came up with is а series of four cards presenting our core values and work principles. "Honesty Rules” stands for honest and fair communications, “People First” represents the team spirit and value of the individual, “Quality is King” reveals the striving-for-excellence nature of the studio and “Never Settle” captures its unresting desire and aim for growth and bettering.  

All cards were printed on four different creative papers applying different printing techniques. Having a focus on motion branding, we decided to add extra value to the print formats and used the Artivive app to bring to life the calligraphy and lettering in the cards.

Printing Specs:
1. People First  - print: Risograph /  paper: Crush Corn 200gsm
2. Quality is King - print: Screen Printing /  paper: IQ Color Sun Yellow 230 gsm
3. Honesty Rules - print: Hot Foil /  paper: Mirror Gold Gloss 300 gsm + anti scratch lamination
4. Never Settle - print: Hot Foil  paper: Remake Midnight 520 gsm​​​​​​​

Event photos

Progress shots
Event Concept: Inkpression
Event Photos: Inkpression
Creative Direction: Ivaylo Nedkov
Graphic Design, Calligraphy, Lettering: Ivaylo Nedkov & Tsvetislava Koleva
Illustration: Dana Peeva
Client Service: Vera Schwartz & Venelina Miteva
Studio Photography: Vasil Germanov
Awards:  Award of Excellence - Communication Arts Typography Competition 2020 
FourPlus' Value Cards