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    Sketch Book
Italian Sculptor Bernini's Study (Charcoal Pencils)
Italian Scupltor Bernini's Study (Charcoal Pencils)
Bernini Sculpture Portrait-Study (Medium - Graphite Pencils)
Anatomy Exercises (Medium Graphite Pencil)
Graphite Pencil Figure Study
Aerobics : Quick Sketch (Pen & Ink)
Wildlife: Quick sketch (Pen & Ink)
Character Sketch for Harpic TVC - 1995 (Gauche,Pen & Ink)
Caricature (live portrait) (Watercolours)
Fond Memories: Mahabs (Mahabalipuram - by Madras City) sketched on location on a School-Trip in the 1980s.    (Graphite Pencil on cross-hash textured paper)
Past and Future: How about staying in the present? Medium - Ball-point Pen on Inkjet paper                         (Couldn't get to the professional while this creative breeze blew :o))
Albert Einstein - Rough Charcoal sketch capturing portraiture @ youth, middle-age & senior
Pencil Portrait
Soft Pastel Fashion Illustration Featured on Dubai Article
Fond Memories: My Daschund's portrait yr 1989-2001 (medium Conté Crayon)
Fashion Illustration 1990 (Pen & Ink)
Fashion Illustration 1990 (Pen & Ink)
Fashion Illustration 1990 - Medium Pen & Ink
Time-freeze: Quick sketch of a New Yorker Pal trotting on a stallion @ her visit to the UAE (Pen & Ink)
Quick watercolour wash & ink&pen of an exotic potted plant Summer of 2010, India
Fond memories of USA: My Jersey City home n neighbourhood over-looking the Journal Square Path railway in 2007       (Pen & Ink with a rust/burnt sienna watercolour wash)