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    (Beyond the horizon lures the unknown) Redesign of a dutch book (Montyn) about ww2.
Beyond the horizon lures the unknown. 
This was a school art project, the assignment was to pick a dutch book and redesign the whole book according to the story. The book is about the story of a dutch soldier joining the german army during ww2. When reading the book it felt like everything went really fast so I wanted to create some kind of motion in the cover and images by blurring them. 

I named the book after a sentence in the book: Beyond the horizon lures the unknown. The main character was always searching for adventures and acted without thinking what could happen, which was also the reason why he joined the army. 
Also some kind of packaging needed to be made so i decided to buy a breadbag that was used by german soldiers in ww2 and manipulate it with oil and dirt to use as packaging.