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    New Deal Studios 4k 1000fps camera test
Just few people in Los Angeles got the chance to test the FT-One 4k 1000fps camera prototype. I been directing at New Deal Studios a whole day of shooting at 240/480/860 frames per second at 4K resolution shooting flying milk, acrobats and a gymnast throwing mutilcolored powders, exploding ice blocks n' melons, projectile colored water, and other fascinating acts. You can see our work at 2013 Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles (Paramount Studios Hollywood) Thank you to everybody for all the hard work!
With Courtney Turk, Lorry Plasterer, Gregory Michael, Edwin Modlin II, Marco Shepherd, Francis L. Camacho, Taryn Spates, Friedemann Goez, Marion Sates, Phil Hartmann, Alessandro Nardini, Jesse Chevy.
Special thanks to: Hiro Tanoue, Chuck Bocan, Gen Narita, Dadrian Flavors, Leah Sheffield and the New Deal Studios team.