Born from a love affair with chocolate and a dream for a better world, Cocomama brings lick-the-bowl delicious fair-trade treats to your plates and mugs with an equally gooey brand.​​​​​​​

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Photography Art Direction, Illustration, Stationery Design, Retail Design 

Photography by Emily Dorio, Brett Warren, and Nico Schinco
A Slice of Life

Cocomama’s mission of making every bite truly count, is communicated with indulgent photography that wraps around the box, category-disrupting energetic colors, and warmhearted brand language.
From Bean to Bowl

The bean is a consistent element throughout the branding through container shapes, line work, and illustrations. Inspired by the unprocessed cocoa bean, the bean represents the part of the whole: the chocolate, the farmers, the consumers—the individual pieces that come together to support each other through Cocomama.
Up Close and Personal

Unique ingredient photography highlight the specially sourced ingredients that go into every product, while bold photographic patterns express the feeling that you can’t just stop at one.
Cozy Up

The cocoas come in a milk-carton which makes them extra charming as well as unique on shelf.