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    Project for the 2012 National Advertising Awards, Canada Post briefing.
Your New Business Cards.
Direct Marketing 
The Brief
Re-shift marketers’ focus back to a critical and foundational media that still works the hardest – direct mail. Convince marketers to make more room in their budgets for direct mail by demonstrating what direct marketing solutions from Canada Post can do for them.
The Solution
We designed a mailer that looks like a box of business cards. The recipient would see a personalized business card on top that not only shows their name, company logo and address from our database, but also a new, clearly superior job title: Global Chief Marketing Offi cer. Inside the box, along with a few samples of their new business cards, there is a short letter that explains how direct mail can help their marketing campaigns succeed – and as a result, help themselves succeed. A contact phone number is included, plus a URL that drives them to the Canada Post website for more information.
Client: Canada Post - National Advertising Awards 2012 - Merit
Art Direction: Martin Dessureaux
Copywriter: Trevor West