Creating Minion in Zbrush, texturing in Substance painter and rendering in iClone7 following an online course.
Creating Minion base mesh in Zbrush.
adding dynamesh details.
rigged skin by using topology from dynamesh.
skin polygroups
adding edge loops
adding teeth
adding hair
creating head band
creating tongue
minion design complete
minion poly-painted
eye texture
uv unwrapped
jeans details
rivets on googles
Low Poly mesh inside Substance Painter, textures baked with a High Poly Mesh.
Diffuse layer created from poly paint in Zbrush added inside Substance Painter.
Adding steel material to the Goggle inside Substance Painter using poly group id and masking.
Adding Glass Material to the lens.
Adding shiny gloss to the eyes using metallic roughness and directly painting directly over the eyes.
Using AO layer to add more depth to the minion.
Final Textured Minion
Render in Substance Painter.
Imported and rendered inside iclone7
Managed to create a simple rig in Maya which works with 3D exchange and iClone7. Face probably needs more bones for proper expressions.
Minion Animation test 1 - face needs more bones
Added a new Rig and changed the weight maps on the head gear.
Final Animation - good enough for a first try.
Minion Creation

Minion Creation

Minion created in Zbrush, Substance Painter and iClone7