Lunar New Year Illustrations
Lunar New Year Illustrations 
Nham Nhi Tet • New Year Edition 
Author: Various authors
PublisherKim Dong Publishing
Published in January 2020

| Photoshop | 

New Year came with a cool breeze right now in Saigon. We want the first post of the year will be a very special post. 
We will share about how we proceed a digital painting from start to end. We hope you will have a beautiful new year holiday and wish all your troubles will go away.

General store's (Tiem Tap Hoa) fun moment when they children painted the wooden sign for their Mom to enjoy the upcoming year
The girl combing her Grandma's hair in the  late afternoon on the last day of the year
The special reunion at Tet 
The little garden's last shower before New Year
Before we start coloring a draft, we want to try many  approaches in color as much as we could so that a good color sketch won't be left out. The more we focus on this stage, the more we could imagine the later product would be
We have included a step by step below, from black and white sketch to color draft to finished piece!
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Thank you!
Lunar New Year Illustrations
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