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slashTHREE "Paradigm Shift"
"Paradigm Shift"
Illustrations for slashTHREE Exhibition #15
A paradigm is a set of concepts, values, beliefs and assumptions that is accepted by the majority of a social group, and which constitutes a way of viewing reality in a community, and especially in particular intellectual disciplines. A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in approach or assumption, or that same majority's acceptance of a changed concept, value, belief or assumption.

Everything that you currently know, believe, or think is the right way to do things, is a paradigm. As a result of this, it is constantly subject to the possibility of change. This branches into any facet of your life: vegetarianism is a paradigm; believing that your method of cooking pasta is best, is a paradigm; and your style of art, or your preference in style, is a paradigm.

This theme is a reflection of the widespread changes to be brought into slashTHREE with our release of version 4. Changes in the way we present ourselves, changes in the roles of the staff and artists, changes in the way people may enter the group, and changes in the way people view this collective. We encourage you to embrace the spirit of "change"; try new styles, new formats, collaborate with people who contrast you completely, or simply use your artwork to explore changes that have happened in your life.


" A scientific revolution occurs, according to Kuhn, when scientists encounter anomalies which cannot be explained by the universally accepted paradigm within which scientific progress has thereto been made"

Loose example: When it was determined by Ptolemy that the world traveled around the sun and not the other way around, contrary to the Copernicus theory.
"The Old Moon Goddess"
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slashTHREE "Paradigm Shift"