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    Poster command for a theatre G I O V A N N I.
The driver Giovanni comes back to life by the theatre. The marionette-like State which carries the word 'Giovanni' has three parts. First of all, the wheel is a symbol for the narrow-mindedness and the search that's going on. the tire on the wheel is not complete, which means that the search is not over yet. And the band is also not in the same thickness, this stands for the setbacks and the ignorance that the three women have in their lives. The spokes keep the bended wheel together,  which stands for the stories and the memories that the women have and bring courage in their quest. The course of Giovanni who by the women become polite, ensures that Giovanni comes to "life". His life is driven by the action of women, therefore to the strings. The wheel is but for slightly more than half on the poster, this beats then again on the ambiguity of the presence of Giovanni. He is there in thoughts and stories but not physically. The marionette-image has many need for rest on the poster and I've therefore created a rightfull composition. The negative brings a mysterious and strange impression. So also was the theater.
Belgium, Flanders