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Dance Residency with InCapsula
DANCE RESIDENCY with InCapsula ​​​​​​​ 
——as part of International Dance Encounter Amman (IDEA) festival

[ About ]
A group of Jordanian participants from different backgrounds took part in an artistic residency led by Enrico Paglialunga & Giacomo Mattogno. The results of the residency was presented in Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts as part of International Dance Encounter Amman (IDEA) festival.

[ Meet the artists ]
This residency is called "Shape of moving waves - Group version". It was led by dancer & choreographer Enrico Paglialunga and the musician & composer Giacomo Mattogno. The Berlin based duo collide the worlds of sound and movement manifesting the current results in performances, live concerts, laboratorie and public participation formats.

In 2018, they initiated the a project called InCapsula. The residency is part of InCapsula exploring the theme of the physics of sound in a creation strongly inspired by the culture and the background of the local artists involved. 

Movement and sound share a space defined by a grid on the floor; with each variation of the music, infinite sound particles progatages in air defining the choreographical composition. Looking for a possible representation of the physics of sound and its molecular propagation in the air. "The eyes can see what the ears can ear".

[ Meet the organizer ]
Studio 8 is a vibrant center for performing arts in Jordan. It tours locally and internationally. Through innovation, experiment, development, exchange, education and research, Studio 8 transforms and enriches the lives, impacts and improves local communities as well as the society at large.

In 2019, Studio 8 launched its 1st dance festival, invited world class choreographers, performance directors and dance-makers join with Jordanian dance artists for a cultural celebration from the period of 22 August to 29 August 2019.

Along side with "Shape of moving waves - Group version", 9 cutting-edge dance works from home and abroad were presented in IDEA festival. 

Concept: InCapsula 
Choreography: Enrico Paglialunga 
Original Music (Live): Giacomo Mattogno – Junction To Humanity
Dance: Qased Ihsan, Rashmi Yeolekar, Mariam Amer, Raneem Wajeeh Nahhas,Yazan Issa, Suhaib Khalel, Ahmad Shaker Alfaleh, Akka Hamdan, الطيب رزق, Elias Shaheen, Ahmad Maher Haniya, Ammar Daoud, Ibrahim Al-Sakhni
Assistance: Maysam Nasier & فريق وهج الشمس للفنون المسرحية والفلكلورية

Location: Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts 
Duration: 30 Minutes 

[ Artists Reflection ] 

"Emails could not communicate so many things. When we finally landed in the country, we felt more. Before we came here, we really could not understand what kind of risk could there be to dance."

"The first step to break gender segregation is to look people in the eye."

"It is sad one rejects art and culture."

"There was one girl, initially she was not looking at people in the eyes. She was hiding. I thought she would not express herself. Later she started to dance. At the end, she danced well. She was more confident with her body. She was totally different. I love the people in the workshop. At the final presentation, she brought her mom to the presentation. She introduced me to her Mom, she was like: Mom, meet my coach. It is funny that she called me coach."

"We want to come back. There was boy telling me that he felt that we had been friends for a long time. Initially, I had fear working with this group of people. I felt they are not educated. Later we broke the ice. They trusted me. We did well. Dancers are thirsty. They want to learn. In Europe, we have pleasure to not to care about the audience, to do what pleases us. Here you have to care so much. That is not at all easy.

"It is good to plant the seeds. "

"The residency experience with Studio 8 in Jordan was one of the most significant and enriching for InCapsula. We knew and danced by breaking down prejudices and overcoming dogmas and religious canons. The result was much more than a performance but a unique life experience. Thanks Studio 8 and thanks to the generosity and trust of all the young artists who have shared with us this unforgettable journey."
(8/24/2019, 2:00-3:00 pm) 

After the performance, Enrico Paglialunga and Giacomo Mattogno invited the audience to play an interactive game between sound, space and movement.

Dance Residency with InCapsula

Dance Residency with InCapsula